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Atta Market Noida - An Overview

Basically Atta Market was a village in yesterday and it was formed as a market in 1980-1982.Though, It is not authorise by Noida authority, Even though it has developed with the fast pace since 1985-87 onwards.

It is the central market area of Noida is the Atta Market located at sector 18 in Noida. This is the hub of commercial activities of Noida. It is well connected with bus and metro services. This market is a mixture of roadside stalls as well as glitzy showrooms. Here, one can shop for anything, be it clothes or footwear, fashion accessories or any kind of bags. You can shop for ethnic Indian wear on one hand and will also be able to find the latest in the western style clothing, on the other. Atta Market, Noida is said to be a one-stop shop, as almost anything that you may visualize of buying, is available here. There are many things to do, other than shopping, in Atta Market, Noida. This market also has some watering delicacies to offer.

In present days in the era of so many small and large well maintained, fully air-conditioned malls this market still has it charm going on because of the versatility and variety of products it offers.

Keeping in mind the today scenario of online marketing the shop owners of Atta Market, Noida Have also come up with something similar for your convenience, The Atta Market Shopkeepers have come up with a portal or even you can call it a search engine related to Atta Market only, wherein the shop keepers can register their shops from Atta Market, Noida, this portal is also helpful for the consumers , any of the interested customer can visit this website and search for products and shops as per the requirement. Herein you will not be able to buy the product online, but can only view products and find different shops and their contact details or one can even send queries to the shopkeepers, who ever deals in that product. So next time when you are planning to go for shopping to Atta Market, Noida before that don´t forget to visit Shoppers Atta. Also, if you are buying anything from the stalls in the Atta Market, Noida, do not forget to bargain with the shopkeeper to reach a reasonable price.

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